A Special Birthday Post for Shine Louise Houston

Shine Louise Houston, a friend and one of my favorite directors, is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Shine!

Fans have been sending birthday wishes to her Twitter and her Pink & White Productions Facebook account all day. I thought I’d take a minute to feature her movies here on Good Vibrations’ Magazine, and ask folks to rate and comment on her films if you’ve seen them — or pick one to watch!

She’s accomplished a lot with her company over the past five years, after leaving her SESA (Sex Educator Sales Associate) job at Good Vibes to pursue a career in making the kinds of adult movies she wanted to see on the shelves.

Her first film was The Crash Pad, which was a smash hit! It went over so well, in fact, that she later made a web episode series of the concept CrashPadSeries.com, which is reaching it’s 100th episode this summer. As the seasons pass, they are compiled into DVDs that are also available at Good Vibrations. So far there’s six Crash Pad Series releases, which have won awards such as Feminist Porn Awards Hottest Trans Sex Scene (Julie & Michelle Aston), Best Dyke Sex Film, and also was nominated for the 2011 AVN Awards “Best Alternative Website”. Here’s a Behind the Scenes clip from the most recent compilation, Crash Pad Series Volume 6: Wide Open with Carson and Ray.

After the success of Crash Pad, Shine went on to create 3 more feature length films. Her sophomore effort was Superfreak, where she plays the ghost of Rick James and crashes a party possessing the guests who get freaky. The third film was The Wild Search, a homo pomo porno. A documentary of a documentary, and Shine’s response to an onslaught of the question “What is real Lesbian sex”? Shine turned the camera on filmmaker Georgia O’Mann and her crew who are on the search to discover what lesbians really do in bed. And in the process, reveals a lot about the complexities of gender and sexuality.

Shine’s most recent film is CHAMPION: Love Hurts, which is a full feature film staring MMA fighter Syd Blakovich as Jesse, who comes across some difficult choices between her rising career and following her heart. With homage to classic fighting films and a taiko drumming soundtrack by one of the world’s leading female drummers, it’s not to be missed. Here’s the trailer.

So, take a look at Shine’s movies and if you’re a fan, log on to GoodVibes.com to rate and comment about your favorites! Happy birthday Shiner, and thanks for your passion, your smarts, your humor, and your politics! 😉

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