A Quiet Afternoon

“Are you sure she’ll be home late?”

Mark sighed, trying to be patient.

“Yes, I’m positive. Besides, she has to stop at the store on the way home from work, so there’s no chance she’ll walk in on us.”

Knowing he was right, I tried to relax. On the one hand, I felt great — all warm and sexy. We had kissed and cuddled all afternoon and I was more than ready to do more; so was Mark, if that bulge in his pants was any indication.

On the other hand, I felt very exposed sitting there on the living room couch in the middle of the afternoon. OK, so it was late afternoon by then but still, it was broad daylight and I was worried about being seen. The sliding glass doors leading to the balcony that overlooked the sea were all wide open, which made me feel almost as if we were in a public place.

“I know you talked to her a little while ago, but… “My thought process was interrupted by the feel of Mark’s lips on my neck. Thanks to all the making out we had done, he knew just how to distract me.

“Come on, Honey, you know how good it will feel,” he coaxed, as his hand slid up underneath my blouse. “Let me touch you right now.”

With one last, tense glance toward the front door, which was too close to the living room for my comfort, I closed my eyes in surrender. Mark’s dexterous fingers eased my shirttail out of my shorts, slipped underneath the thin material and unhooked my bra. He caressed my breasts beneath my loosened clothing. I sighed with pleasure as his warm hands held me; his thumbs pressing and manipulating my nipples. Oh, that was good!

“Let me see them. Let me lick them, please.” I reached between us to unbutton my blouse. My hands were trembling so much that I almost couldn’t manage it.

“Are you afraid?” he asked.

“No, just a little nervous.” And, I thought to myself, really excited. Again, I glanced at the front door. “But I’m okay.” I pulled my blouse off as Mark took his hands out from underneath my bra and reached for the straps that held it on my shoulders. Slowly, he slid the straps down my arms, watching my face for any sign that he should stop, but he saw none. I wanted him to look at me. I began to feel wanton, sitting there bare-breasted on the living room sofa in someone else’s house, and that free-spirited attitude suited me just then.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured as he leaned toward me.

Starting behind my earlobe, Mark left a trail of fiery kisses down my neck, across my chest and to my right nipple. His mouth left hot wetness that cooled when the sea breeze touched my skin. I shivered as his lips found the erect tip of my breast. He licked, then sucked, making my nipple almost painfully hard. I arched against him, mindless with delight. I whimpered in protest as he removed his mouth, only to moan with pleasure as he took my other nipple into his mouth. Mark sucked gently and I felt a tingle go from my breast to my crotch. He sucked harder and that tingle became a jolt of pleasure. I had gotten damp when we had been necking; I was now getting wet.

Mark’s hand replaced his lips, as he worked his mouth lower, kissing the underside of my breasts and my midriff. He had moved from the couch to the floor by then and was kneeling to one side of me, half-lying across my lap. He paused when he reached my shorts, laid his head against my abdomen and hugged me. Mark’s hands rested on the button at my waistband.

Mark looked up at me. “Is this okay?”

I knew that if I told him to stop, he would. That I could trust him was part of what I loved about him. Nervously, I again looked around. I still felt exposed, but it seemed erotic, rather than scary. I felt wild and free and daring and I liked those feelings.

Nodding, I said, “Yes, I want you to.”

He grinned. “You want me to what?” Mark was always doing that — making me face my desires and say what I wanted. He had helped me learn to assert myself and I think it turned him on. I know it turned me on when I told him what to do to me.

I looked into his eyes. “I want you to strip me naked, right here in the living room.”

“Anything for you.”

He undid my shorts, then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and panties at the same time. “I need a little help, here.”

I lay back on the couch and lifted my ass. In one smooth motion, Mark peeled off the rest my clothes and dropped them on the floor. I sat up as he moved back a little, still kneeling on the floor, but no longer touching me.

“Spread your legs.”

I hesitated, suddenly feeling too exposed. Topless in the living room in front of the open balcony doors was one thing, bare-ass naked in the same spot was quite another. I felt myself blush down to my toes and I again regarded the front door; peering closely to make sure it was closed — and locked!

“Spread your legs,” he repeated, “if that’s what you want.”

How could I resist this guy? Forgetting my embarrassment, I watched Mark’s face and slowly parted my legs. His eyes dropped to my crotch and stayed there as I slowly spread myself wide for him. He seemed mesmerized by the view; his lips parted and his breathing became a bit ragged. Never one to be greedy or to rush, he began to kiss one of my knees while he caressed the other.

I stopped him.

“You’re overdressed. If I’m going to be naked out here in the open, so are you.”

He rose and stripped off his clothes. Apparently, he was much less concerned about our potential lack of privacy than I. Once again, he knelt before me and I leaned back against the overstuffed sofa cushions.

Reaching for me he said, “Slide down and relax.”

Easy for him to say. He may have been naked, but he wasn’t spread-eagled on the couch in full view of anyone who might come in the house. His lips went back to my knee, and I quit worrying about being caught in the act. The breeze from the open balcony doors had cooled my skin and Mark’s mouth made delicious hot spots on it as he worked up my right leg. When he reached my inner thigh, he started in on my other knee, working his way up my left leg. I was delirious with pleasure and anticipation. Those tantalizing kisses, so close but yet so far from where I needed them, had driven me from wet and hot to throbbing and I was desperate for release.

Finally, I felt Mark’s warm breath at my crotch.

“Lift your legs,” I barely heard him say through my haze of desire. I did as he said, and felt his hands under my knees, helping me along. Suddenly, I was fully revealed to his gaze, as well as the sea breeze. The cool air touching my overheated flesh provided me with a unique sensation. That sensation lasted only a moment before Mark’s hot mouth closed over my clitoris and his tongue dipped down to my vaginal opening.

“Mmm, you taste like the ocean.”

He began to lick and suck as if he was dying of thirst and my liquid was the only sustenance available. I cried out, dimly aware that I was making noises I’d always made fun of when I’d heard them during movie sex scenes. Briefly, I wondered if anyone could hear me through the open doors. I wanted Mark to hurry but, at the same time, I didn’t want him to stop. As Mark increased the pressure of his sucking, I decided I didn’t care. An intense orgasm coursed through my body. Mark wiggled his tongue inside me as my muscles clenched. I think I screamed.

With his hand still under my knees, Mark straightened up. His erection was huge and I wanted him to fill me with it.

“Please, hurry.” In the back of my mind, I was still aware that someone could walk in the door. Only now, I was less concerned about being embarrassed than I was about being interrupted. I wanted him inside me and I was desperate for us to finish before she arrived.

I reached down to fondle his cock and pull him toward me at the same time. Eager at first, he slowed his approach as the head of his penis slipped inside me.

Our eyes met and he said, “Are you sure you want it now?” I nodded, not certain I could speak. The only thing I was certain of was that I need him to fuck me.

As he slowly pushed inside of me, I thought I heard a noise. I tensed immediately.

“What was that?”

Mark stopped moving and listened a moment. “It’s the dog. I locked her up and she’s not happy about it.” He continued to slide his hardness into my body.

“No,” I insisted in a panicked whisper, “it sounds like a car.”

“Neighbor’s car. Don’t worry,” he muttered, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

I heard the sound of the screen door opening and of a key going into a lock.

“Oh, shit. She’s home.” I pushed Mark away; horror overrode the frustration I felt as he abruptly pulled out of my body, then I scrambled for my blouse.

Mark looked stunned, then dove for his own clothes as he heard the front door unlock. We’d never make it to the bedroom in time, so we frantically tried to get at least some of our clothes on. Mark made it into his shorts and I had my blouse on, though it was not completely buttoned. Our efforts were useless; we were busted. The front door swung open.

“Mom, Dad — we’re home,” our daughter called out as she and her husband stepped inside, laden with groceries.

When they saw us, their mouths dropped open and they just stood there, staring. Well, at least they didn’t drop the bags that, fortunately for us, had slowed down their entrance to the house.

“Um, Mom? Dad?” Our daughter looked confused then mortified as the full meaning of what she was seeing dawned on her. Her husband just cleared his throat and stared at the ceiling; I think he found the situation amusing, but he was pretty sure he shouldn’t laugh.

“Hi, Honey. Dad and I just… hmm… ” I trailed off.

Just what? Were behaving like horny teenagers? Had planned to fuck our brains out on your couch? I didn’t think she was ready to hear either of those statements from me, even though she was close to thirty years old.

My husband gave it a shot. “Your mother and I… well, we, uh …”

He gave up. “We have to go find something in the bedroom. Come on, Clare.” Mark dashed to the bedroom and I raced after him. We slammed the door and fell on the bed, laughing like idiots.

I didn’t know whether to keep laughing or burst into tears. I knew my face, and probably the rest of me, was flaming red.

“That was smooth. Did you see their faces?”

“To hell with them. Where does she think she and her brothers came from, anyway? Besides, I have some unfinished business with you, Lady.”

Mark wriggled out of his shorts; his still-hard dick showed me that being caught in the act must have agreed with him. Despite what had happened, or maybe because of it, I realized I was still on fire, and not just from embarrassment. I lay back and opened my legs to take him inside me. Throwing caution to the wind (after all, we had little left to conceal) we had wild, phenomenal sex, quickly and loudly reaching orgasm together.

Mark collapsed on top of me. As we lay there catching our breath, I realized that we hadn’t had sex that hot, nor orgasms that powerful, for a long time. Had the fear of being caught acted as an aphrodisiac? Was the reality of being caught even more of a turn-on than the possibility had been? I considered all this during the brief minutes we had alone before we had to face our daughter and son-in-law. Should we apologize to them or say nothing? Thinking the whole situation through, I reached my decision.

I turned my head to whisper in Mark’s ear, “Tomorrow, let’s do it on the balcony.”


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