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A Matter of Trust

My girlfriend Sally’s always been shy so when she asked me on the phone what I wanted for Valentine’s Day I asked her to trust me and allow me to do something for her that she’d love.

˜Like what?’ she asked.

˜I can’t tell you. I want it to be a surprise and I don’t want you to stop me doing it.’

˜Now I’m really intrigued.’

˜You’ll love it.’

˜Is it something to wear?’

˜Definitely not.’

˜Are you taking me out somewhere?’


˜Hmm, so give me a hint then?’

˜All I want you to do is to come over here tomorrow night, wear that sexy black teddy I brought for Christmas and your boots; you can cover yourself up with your coat but nothing else.’

˜What if my car breaks down or something? I can’t come out wearing a teddy.’

˜You’ll have your coat on and anyway you have your mobile phone to call me if something happens okay?’

˜I don’t ¦’ she trailed off.

Like I said she’s shy.

˜Please honey.’

˜Oh, all right.’

˜Good, I’ll see you at seven then.’

I’d been wanting to ask her to do something for me for ages but because she’s so shy I didn’t know how she’d take it so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I went over in my mind what I needed so when she arrived I’d be prepared and there’d be no excuses.

When the doorbell rang I looked about to make sure everything was perfect. The lights were dimmed, candles flickered magically, I had soft music playing and a bottle of champagne ready.

˜Hey,’ she said as I pulled her in towards me.

˜You wearing it?’ I asked.

She opened her coat and I gasped at her flawless beauty. How lucky was I to have her. I peeled the coat down off her arms and allowed it to fall to the floor. I kissed the swell of her breasts, ran my hands down the inside of her waist, over her hips and down the tops of her thighs before coming back to grab hold of her arse.

˜Fuck, you look amazing,’ I breathed into her mouth as I kissed her. She almost swooned as I pulled her closer into my groin. I knew she’d be able to feel my erection, feel how hard I was already just upon laying eyes on her.

She went to grab at my crotch but I pushed her hands away leading her to the couch. She sat primly crossing her long legs over, her black boots showing just how pale her skin was.

˜So, what’s the surprise?’ she asked.

˜In a minute,’ I said popping the champagne.

We toasted each other and as we snuggled up on the couch I made sure she had another, just to relax her.

˜You trust me, don’t you?’ I asked.

˜Hmm, you know I do honey,’ she purred as I nibbled on her neck.

˜Good, now I’m going to ask you to do something and I don’t want to hear you say no, okay?’

She stared at me, ˜Okay.’

˜Good. Now I want you to lie back a bit on the couch so your bottom’s just on the edge.’

She did.

˜Good, now put your feet up on the couch.’

She went to remove her boots but I pushed her hand away, shaking my head. ˜No, leave them on. They look really sexy.’

She made to put her feet almost under her bottom but I took each foot and placed them as far apart as she could manage. I saw her face flushing, knew she felt uncomfortable with me staring at her, and when I snapped the clips of her teddy and it burst open riding up she tried to bring her knees together.

˜No,’ I said. ˜You look amazing. Remember what I said? Just trust me.’

She nodded as I lowered to lick her. I parted the lips, lapping at her, enjoying the taste of her and loving the feel of her even as she squirmed.

˜Now, I’m going to do something and I don’t want you to stop me, promise?’

˜Promise,’ she sighed as she drained the rest of the champagne from her glass.
From beneath the coffee table I retrieved a bowl of water, my shaving gear and razor. Her eyes widened as I began to slather the shaving cream over her hairy snatch. I tickled the outer lips with the brush, allowing my fingers to roam over her mound, in and out of her folds, slipping along before spearing a finger in her delicious cunt.

˜Oh, the feels good,’ she whimpered.

˜Now don’t move, okay,’ I said.

She stared down as I began to shave her working from the outside in. The hair came off quickly, the razor cleaning it up easily. Then with my thumb over her clit I carefully ran the razor over the outer lips, making sure I removed every trace of hair.

I put a towel beneath her and washed her down with warm water, allowing it to cascade over her naked lips, not caring that the carpet and couch were getting wet in the process.

Pat drying it, I sat back on my heels to admire her.

˜You look as beautiful as I knew you would,’ I said.

˜Can I see,’ she said, attempting to stand.

˜No, stay there, just like that. I’ve got a mirror here.’

I placed it in front of her and she stared wide eyed at her new hairless pussy.

˜What do you think?’ I asked.

˜It looks, looks different.’

˜Oh, honey, it looks divine. May I?’ I asked lowering my head.

She giggled as I dived down, showering her with kisses, enjoying the feel of her flesh against my face and loving the murmur coming from her as she watched me eating her out with the mirror only inches from me.

It didn’t take long for her to reach her first orgasm and then I stood, removed my trousers and with my cock rigid before me I pulled her up into my arms.
˜You ¦ you shaved yours too,’ she giggled.

˜Yes. Thank you darling,’ I said. ˜I’ve always wanted to ask you to do that for me.’

She kissed me back passionately, her hand reaching down to cup my hairless balls, to stoke my shaft before my cock probed her back, slipping in between her thighs as we stood together.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom, throwing her into the middle of the bed. I dived into her, my cock leading the way. She was wet and as I probed her outer lips, enjoying the way her flesh opened up to wrap around my cock we both stared hard at how fucking great it looked for both of us to be shaved and void of hair.

I fucked her slowly, enjoying the feel of it, the look of it and how utterly different it was. It was almost like being with another woman, and when I flipped her over to fuck her doggy style, my hand cupping her bald mound, I slapped her hard on the arse, shocking not only her but me too.

She went wild, demanding I slam it into her, to fuck her harder, faster. When we finally came we collapsed together on the bed. Before long she was randy again, discarding her boots and teddy she lay there naked before me, begging me to make love to her again, but this time she wanted me to drag over the mirror from over the mantelpiece so we could watch ourselves.

She loved it and I love her more than anything for allowing me to do this to her. It’s brought a whole new dimension to our sex life I can tell you.

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