A Close Shave

Paul liked to watch Zoe while she was reading. Even when she was sitting still, she carried herself with the grace of a dancer. That wasn’t really surprising, he reflected, since she’d taken dancing lessons for more than fifteen years and performed in several college productions.

At this particular moment, a lazy Sunday evening, she was curled up sideways in the chair opposite him with her legs tucked neatly beneath her. She’d put her honey blond hair up in a bun after dinner, but several tendrils had escaped and were curling in delicate wisps around her ears. Paul thought this made her look even sexier than usual.

She’d been reading her magazine intently when he’d started watching her a minute earlier. Now, as if sensing his gaze, she looked up and smiled at him. Paul smiled back automatically but then was struck by a subtle shift in her expression. Her smile had taken on a sly quality, and the look in her eye seemed almost challenging.

“What?” he asked.

She paused for a moment before speaking, as though searching for just the right words.

“I want you to shave my pussy.”

Paul’s book tumbled from his lap to the floor as he sat up straight. “What did you say?”

Zoe laughed, clearly enjoying his confusion.

“I said I want you to shave my pussy,” she repeated, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard her say the word before. During the throes of passion, Zoe liked talking dirty. Words like “pussy,” and “cock,” and “cunt” came tripping off her tongue as if she said them all the time. But outside of the bedroom, her persona was decidedly more modest\’one might even say demure, he thought. She hardly ever swore, for god’s sake. Hence his shock now.

“And what gave you this idea?” he asked cautiously.

Zoe indicated the Cosmopolitan she’d been reading. “They polled a thousand women in their early twenties and asked them how they groomed their pubic hair. More than 50 percent said they shaved or waxed most or all of it. Fifty percent! If I don’t watch out, I’ll be the only twenty-seven-year-old female left in America with hair between my legs.”

Zoe’s tone was playful, but Paul could tell that part of her was intrigued. “Why do you want me to do it?” he asked after a pause. The thought of women grooming their pubic hair\’a new one for him\’was proving something of a distraction.

“Because I think it would be incredibly hot.”

Something about the way Zoe said “hot” triggered a gentle stirring in Paul’s loins. He shifted on the couch.

“When do you want me to do it?” he asked.

“Not now,” she said quickly. “I have my period for one thing. Anyway, I want to wait until we’re at my aunt’s house this weekend. Remember the bathroom?”

Was she joking? Paul thought he would have to be dead to forget that bathroom. It was about the size of their living room and dining room put together, with beautiful tiles on the walls and floor and an enormous sunken bathtub. When he and Zoe had house sat for her wealthy aunt back in October, they’d spent most of the first evening in that bathtub having sex. Come to think of it, they’d spent most of the second evening in there as well.

Zoe got up from her chair and headed to the kitchen. As she walked past Paul, she reached out he hand and brushed his cheek lightly with her fingers. “Think about it,” she said.


Paul thought of little else all week. It was funny. Before Zoe had raised the issue, he’d never thought one way or the other about her pubic hair. It was true that when they watched adult movies together, there was something sexy about seeing women with shaved or waxed genitals. It made him realize how much pubic hair obscured the view down there, and the view was certainly nice. But it had never occurred to him to ask Zoe to shave or wax.

The only time he’d actually had a problem with a woman’s pubic hair was when he’d had a brief fling with Mary Morelli his first year in college. Her bush had been so thick that he’d had a hard time finding his way in on occasion. He’d been reminded of the prince in Sleeping Beauty who has to hack his way through a thick hedge of brambles and thorns to get to the sleeping princess. Oral sex had posed an even bigger challenge. When he’d tried to go down on Mary, all he ever seemed to get out of it was a mouthful of hair.

Other than Mary, though, pubic hair had never been an issue for Paul. Once Zoe proposed that he shave her, however, he couldn’t get his mind off of the subject. And he wasn’t just thinking about Zoe. He suddenly found himself wondering about every young woman who crossed his path.

The new college intern came to mind, for example. He’d certainly noticed how attractive Jess was the first day she arrived at work. All right, he’d checked out her ass on more than one occasion, especially when she wore those thin, silky pants that got stuck in the crack of her buttocks. But he hadn’t really thought about her all that much until Zoe’s startling request on Sunday. Now, whenever she came into his office, all he could think about was whether she was sporting a smooth, bare pussy underneath her skirt and panties.

And he had the same thoughts about other young women as well, whether they were old friends or the new circulation clerk at the public library. Did they or didn’t they? It was all he could do to keep himself from asking them.

By Friday he was so horny he could barely see straight. It didn’t help that he and Zoe hadn’t had sex since the previous Thursday. At the beginning of the week, she’d still had her period. Then she’d had to work late a couple of nights to make a deadline at the magazine where she was an editor. And the evening before, she’d fallen asleep at about 9:00, exhausted from staying up until the wee hours on two straight nights.

When he told her how frustrated he was on his way out the door Friday morning, Zoe made sympathetic noises.

“Just think about tonight,” she said after giving him a goodbye kiss that was far more passionate than the usual peck on the cheek.

“That’s the problem.” Paul grumbled. “I am thinking about tonight.

Zoe responded with a coy smile that made him think she was actually enjoying his frustration.


They picked up Indian food on the way to Zoe’s aunt’s house that evening.  They ate it in front of a fire in the family room with two big glasses of red wine. Paul usually liked to take his time over a meal, but tonight he found himself rushing through his food as if he was in a speed-eating contest. His unseemly haste did not go unnoticed.

“What’s your hurry?” Zoe asked in mock innocence as she leaned forward to wipe a crumb from his bottom lip. As she moved, her short skirt rode even further up her thighs.

“Are you kidding?” Paul asked, losing patience. “Are you telling me I’m the only one who’s getting a little worked up about tonight?”

Zoe took a sip of wine. “Let’s put it this way,” she said calmly. “If I’d been wearing panties today, their crotch would be completely soaked by now.”

Paul grabbed the bottle of wine and asked Zoe to bring the glasses. A few minutes later, they were standing face to face in the bathroom. Paul had turned on the taps to fill the tub the moment they walked through the door, and wisps of steam were already beginning to fill the air. While he’d started the water, Zoe had pulled off her shirt, and was now wearing only a skimpy black bra and her ridiculously short skirt. Paul thought about how she’d been walking around all day without panties and felt himself grow harder.

“So here are the ground rules,” she said, as she reached behind her with both hands to unclasp her bra. Her round, firm breasts tumbled out, and Paul noticed immediately that her nipples were fully erect. “No touching below the waist until you start shaving me. Hang on a minute.”

She walked over to the toilet bag she’d left on the floor near the sink and reached down to pick it up. When she was bending over, Paul glimpsed the thatch of light brown hair between her legs. He could tell from her smile when she turned around again that she’d known exactly what she was doing.

“Like the view?” she asked as she took out a can of shaving gel and a brand new razor and set them on the edge of the tub.

“I’ll like it better when you’re naked down there,” Paul said.

Without touching him with her hands, Zoe leaned forward and kissed him\’a long lingering kiss. She pulled his tee shirt up over his head and crouched down to lick his nipples and then his belly button. Before long she was down on her knees in front of him. She unbuckled his jeans and helped him to pull them off.

“You look happy to see me,” Zoe said cheerfully, her mouth just inches from his crotch. Paul could feel his cock throbbing inside his underwear and was aware of how much he wanted her to pull it out and suck on it. Instead she bounced to her feet.

“Bath’s ready,” she said, undoing her skirt and letting it slip to the floor. She turned off the water and stepped into the tub. A moment later, Paul had pulled off his underwear and joined her.

Zoe lowered herself into the water with her usual grace and began splashing hot water over her breasts. Paul sat down next to her and began licking and sucking on her nipples.

“That’s enough of that,” Zoe said after a minute. “You have work to do.”

She crawled over to the set of steps on the other side of the tub and sat on the second step. Then she leant back against the side of the tub and slowly spread her legs. Paul noticed that the water in the tub, disturbed by her movement, was now lapping against the bottom of her cunt like a tongue.

“Stop staring at my pussy and shave it, you silly boy.”

Although Zoe’s tone was playful, Paul could tell from the husky quality of her voice that she was extremely aroused. He quickly retrieved the shaving gel and razor from the other side of the tub and positioned himself between her legs. As he squirted a generous portion of green gel into his hand, he noticed that Zoe’s face was flushed and her mouth slightly open.

“Ready?” he asked.

Zoe didn’t reply with words but leaned back even further and tilted her pelvis. Paul put some water on the gel and rubbed it into a thick lather. Then he reached forward and began working the lather into her pubic hair. Zoe closed her eyes and let out a low moan, pushing her crotch against his hand to create more friction.

“Do you like that?” he asked in a low voice, letting the tip of his middle finger slip briefly between the lips of her vulva.

“It feels so good,” she whispered, keeping her eyes shut.

When Zoe’s cunt was completely obscured by a mound of white lather, Paul washed off his hand and picked up the razor. He hesitated a moment, unsure where to start. He was also feeling a little squeamish about using such a sharp instrument on such a delicate part of Zoe’s body, but he reminded himself that women did it all the time

It seemed easiest to start at the top, so that’s what he did. With three steady swipes, he shaved all of the hair above her clitoris. Then he moved down to her vulva. Working more slowly now, he drew the razor down one side of her cunt in a long, slow stroke. Zoe put her head back and let out a low, high-pitched whimper. Seeing how excited she was made him feel all the more aroused, and he went to work on the other side.

A minute later, Paul leaned back to inspect his work.

“I’m not sure I can get at the hair underneath from this angle,” he said.

“Then I’ll turn around,” Zoe responded without missing a beat.

She sat up, twirled around, and knelt down, leaning forward so her arms were resting on the sides of the tub.

“How’s that?”

Paul could see a patch of hair pushing up through the white foam around her vagina. The rest of her cunt was obscured by suds and hair cuttings. Working very carefully now, he shaved away the hair around her opening. At one point he noticed a shudder of pleasure go through Zoe’s body.

When he was through shaving, Paul put the razor down on the side of the tub. Eager to see his handiwork, he scooped up a handful of warm water and sluiced it against Zoe’s genitals. It only took three or four scoops to wash the remnants of shaving gel and hair away.

“How do I look?” Zoe asked.

It took Paul a moment to find his voice. The sight of Zoe’s shaved pussy had made him dizzy with lust.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have an exquisite cunt?” he finally blurted out.

Zoe laughed. “Did anyone ever tell you you’d better do something to her exquisite cunt or she’d scream?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. Paul leaned down and licked, first one side of her vulva, and then the other. He loved how silky and smooth her skin felt. Then he let his tongue slip into the slit between her cunt lips and moved it back and forth until Zoe began to make that high-pitched whimpering sound again. When he began to slide his tongue in and out of her hole, he also reached a hand underneath her and began to play with her swollen clit.

“Fuck me,” Zoe said, her voice urgent.

Paul straightened up and moved closer. He let the head of his cock run up and down her slit and then slipped it into her opening.

“Say, ˜Fuck my shaved pussy,’ he commanded, doing his best to sound stern.

Zoe giggled. “I’m not going to say that,” she said.

Paul let his cock slip out of her.

“You bastard,” Zoe said.

“Say it,” Paul repeated in the same mock-gruff tone.

Zoe let out a low moan. “Fuck my shaved pussy,” she pleaded.

Paul let the head of his cock move in and out of her opening for a few seconds. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, he slid the whole length of it inside her. Zoe was making a lot of noise now, and she began to pump her hips in time to his slow smooth thrusts. When he could feel her getting close to orgasm, he slowed down, holding her back, delaying the moment of pleasure. Finally, however\’sensing how frustrated she was getting\’he found her clit and began to rub it in a way he knew drove Zoe wild. She came a moment later, crying out again and again as her cunt clutched at his cock. A moment later he was coming too.

But it was a long time before they finally left the bathtub.


Clive Dixon

An English teacher in a former life, Clive Dixon now works as a psychotherapist. When not listening to his clients talk about their sex lives, he writes erotic and other fiction. His stories have also appeared in Clean Sheets and Penthouse Variations.

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