A Change of Plans, Part 1

Patience has never been never my strong suit, and I had thoroughly proved this to be the case as I waited for my husband to get home. I’d already scrubbed everything I could in the kitchen, straightened the living room, and made the bed. Harry was supposed to be back by now. In fact, he had been due home two hours ago. I’d made up my mind to give him his walking papers tonight, and that was only possible with him standing in front of me

We all try to avoid infidelity as long as we can, but Shaun had broken through my defenses far too quickly. He was a handsome motherfucker, of course, all sharp angles and shaggy golden hair and devilish, sexy grins. But that wasn’t all – he was sweet, smart, funny, the triple threat that all people want in a partner. He’d made it sound deceptively simple too, leaving Harry behind, that it would be an easy break, that I wouldn’t even hesitate for a second, and he said he’d be here at 8:30. Well, it was now 8:25, and Harry had been due home at six, and he was most certainly not here. I really, really, seriously did not want them to come face to face before I’d broken the news to Harry. But, as it turned out, I didn’t have a choice. I heard two voices outside the front door, two male voices, and I, being the coward I am, didn’t open the door. I wasn’t ready to face the music, apparently. But then the music came crashing through the front door.

Harry walked in first, looking angry as hell, his green eyes aglow with fury. Shaun followed him, looking hot as ever, but I tried to keep my eyes focused on Harry. Drooling over Shaun would only make this worse, and I really hadn’t set out to hurt Harry.

“So,” Harry said, a definite edge to his usually calm voice, “do you have something to tell me, Allie? I mean, Shaun’s already spilled the beans, but I want to hear it from you.”
“I…yes, I do. Shaun and I have been…well, we’ve gotten close, very close, and I…I think I want to leave you.”
“You want to leave me? Well, I already knew that.” Harry placed his hands on his hips, his height seeming intimidating for the first time since I met him. “Shaun called one day while you were out•last week, actually•and we had a nice little chat. We came to an agreement, in fact.”
“An…agreement? Of what type?” These words worried me, I couldn’t help it.
“A sexual one.” Harry turned to look at Shaun, and Shaun gave a quick nod of his head.

Well, this was an unexpected twist. I fought the corners of my mouth, but they insisted on curling up a little. This was a very unexpected twist, but, potentially, quite a pleasant one. “A sexual one?” I repeated. I glanced from one man to the other, and their faces almost matched, each with that special look a guy gets when he knows you’ll do whatever he wants, and you’ll like it, too. “Go on…”

“Shaun and I talked…we talked for quite awhile, and we came to realize that we both knew your favorite fantasy, the one you and I are always talking about, the one you and he are always talking about. Two men, sharing you, and sharing each other as well. I figure I’m due one last fuck from you, and I want it to be one you remember well after you leave.”

I’d remember it, alright. “Are you…are you seriously suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” I managed to stutter out. I was certain a flush was creeping across my face, and not just from embarrassment. That certainly was my favorite fantasy, and this was almost too good to be true. I’d expected anger, tears, pleading, not an offer like this.
“I’m suggesting exactly what you think I’m suggesting. I mean, I’ll paint it out for you if you insist, but that would just make the space between now and when your fantasy comes true longer. Do you really want to wait?”
Surprisingly, Harry was smiling, and I couldn’t help it, I was smiling too
“N-no.” I turned to Shaun, who still hadn’t spoken. He had that trademark grin on his face, the one I’d grown to love, the one that always appeared when sex was in the mix. There was not a single hint on his face that he wasn’t in one hundred percent. But we’d talked through this situation during sex before, Shaun telling me how much I’d love being filled by two huge cocks, how I’d feel too full, how I’d beg for them both to stop, then seconds later beg for them to continue fucking me oh-so-very-deep. He’d even shown an interest in adding a third man to the mix at some point, but I’d never expected that third man to be Harry…to be my husband.
“Well,” Shaun said, finally speaking, “are we going to stand around all night, or are we going to get to the good stuff?”

“I vote for the good stuff,” I said, raising my hand to prove my statement.
“I second that vote,”  Harry said, and suddenly the two men scooped me up, making me gasp in surprise. “Time to make her fantasy a reality, I think,” Shaun said, and they carried me into the bedroom, not giving me a chance to change my mind•not that I would have, of course.
Once we entered the bedroom, they put me down, and Harry and Shaun took to undressing me•Shaun unzipped and removed my boots as Harry pulled my shirt over my head, then unhooked my bra. Soon I was completely naked, and for the first time in my life there were two sets of eyes taking in my naked body, not just one. Both men were smiling as I looked from face to face, and there was a bit of threat in each intent stare. I found the fact that two men were looking at me turned me on more than almost anything had before, wetness quickly spreading between my thighs.

to be continued…






Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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