5 Instant Valentine’s Ideas for Last Minute Planners

With so much pressure around Valentine’s Day to plan and primp, sometimes we forget that all you really need is quality time.

A little spontaneity can go a long way!

Here’s some quick ideas that don’t take very long at all to set-up at all, and are good to go all year long!


“Fun Ways to Make Time for Love, that Take Almost No Time to Make”

1. Put a note on the Fridge that says “Eat Me Instead.”

2. Draw your lover a hot bath, setting a fresh towel, glass of wine, and other treats on the side of the tub.

3. Place a note on their gym clothes saying “Let’s work out inside today” or “wouldn’t you rather work out with me?”

4. Make dinner menu and under Dessert, put “you.”

5.  If it’s your love’s turn on the chore wheel, alleviate their domestic duty and tell them: “Screw housecleaning, screw me instead!”


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