Good Vibrations wins Boutique Retailer of the Year!

Good Vibrations won Boutique Retailer of the Year at the 2013 XBiz Awards!

Purchasing Manager Coyote Days was elated to accept the award that night on behalf of the company.

We are so pleased, proud, and honored to win Retailer of the Year in the boutique category. Our business is our customers’ pleasure and we are so happy and proud that we can share this with all of our retail staff who take pride in their Sex Educator/Sales Associate title. Our staff is the best trained in the business, personally trained by our staff sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen and taking more time to learn sex education and information than most medical doctors are required to do.

We have been around for 36 years and are proud of our history as the retailer who invented the concept of the clean, well lit place to buy a vibrator long before the couple’s market exploded. We have six Good Vibrations stores coast-to-coast, a website, and a mobile site where our customers can shop discreetly and trust our recommendations on pleasure products, books, movies, and other adult sex toys to enhance their sexual health and sexual confidence. We believe in sex education, empowerment, and women in leadership. Thank you to all who support us!

Jackie Rednour-Bruckman (Jackie Strano)

Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations

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  1. Oliver says:

    Yay! Hurrah Coyote!