10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that are Free, Cheap… and Fun!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money.

At it’s core, it should be a moment to spend some quality time with those you care about.

Here are 10 ideas for activities that don’t cost much:


1. Going on a hike/historic walk.

Get out of the house!  Whether in a city park or in the countryside, a walk outdoors is a great way to explore nature and each other.  The fresh air clears your head and helps with thinking and communicating.  And you might just find a perfect spot to take in a glorious view… of each other.


2. Play a game.

Bring a bit of levity to your together-time with a game! Whether you’re dominating continents in a game of Risk or kissing new places on your partner’s body in an adult board game, the direction and purpose of a game can bring out your frisky side!


3. Make dinner at home, serve by candle light. No TV rules apply.

Cook something simple and elegant together and discover the aphrodisiac effects of delicious collaboration.  Turn on some tunes, turn off the TV, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a relaxing meal by candlelight, without being rushed by wait staff.  Get creative with dessert!


4. Trade massages.

You don’t have to be certified to enjoy giving and receiving soothing touch with your partner.  Communication is key, something that translates into other sensual activities too.  How to start?  Check out a basic book for ideas, then do what feels good.


5. Teach each other something you know. A lesson on the piano?

Can you play a couple songs on the ukulele?  Make a mean guacamole?  Pick something you know and teach it to each other over the course of an afternoon or an evening.


6. Go to the museum.

Plan a leisurely stroll through your local gallery or art museum and enjoy the creative side of life.  Discover how your tastes compare and see what arises.  You may want to try your hand at painting when you get home! (Or try your hand at decorating a sex toy in our Bling My Vibe! Vibrator Art Contest!)


7. Go see a local band perform.

Even if you already make beautiful music together, get out of the house and check out some local music!  Whether it’s a dive bar or chamber music in the park, there’s sure to be something to enjoy and exploring what you both like is part of the fun.  Find a loud band and bring your remote-controlled 2.Oh Wearable Vibe and stand by the speaker to get really thrilled!


8. Serenade with Karaoke

Go deep with your partner and break out your favorite guilty pleasure song at the local karaoke bar!  Losing your inhibition onstage –- or at least having a sense of humor about it -– is a great way to loosen up for your private show later.


9. Make a mix-tape. Or CD. Or Playlist. (Create a sexy music playlist, then try it out!)

DJ contest: each of you is assigned to put together the sexiest collection of music you can.  Try them both out and see who wins! (Hint: everybody)


10. Go to the library or bookstore. (Find 3 things to share with each other.)

Your favorite art book?  A collection of poems?  Steamy 18th century erotica?  Whatever it is, have fun sharing and remember to whisper!  You can scream and shout when you get home.


Got a good idea to share? Let us know how you’re spending the day!

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