Today got off to a poopy start

and although most of it has resolved itself, i’m still in a bad mood.

1) My boy came over and while the visit was mostly sweet, there’s this thing he does about me being pretty (e.g. Me — “Man, today was hard. I’m trying to get my professor to approve this direction I want to take with this study and she’s just not taking me seriously.” Him — “Ah, don’t worry about it. Just flash her that pretty smile of yours and I’m sure she’ll give you whatever you want!”) which is becoming extremely annoying mostly because it feels dismissive (even though I know he doesn’t intend it to be) the consequence of that being that I spent way too much time writing him an e-mail letting him know why I think that sort of response is annoying/sexist and he has not yet replied so it’s making me a little crazy.

2) I locked my keys in the car

3) I spilled coffee on my shirt

4) We’re launching all these initiatives so every single human being in my entire work-world wants to “check-in” and honestly i’m a little sick of talking to some of them. :-]

{sigh} but, whatever. it’s all good. I just got to talk to my BBQ and am now in a MUCH better frame of mind. :-] A little lunchie lunch with someone I do actually feel like talking to, then maybe (just maybe) I’ll be able to face my afternoon chats with some sense of equamnity. (Plus, I JUST found out our co-worker sent us a coconut from Florida where she went on vacation so that’s put me in a pretty delighted frame of mind as well. I mean seriously, a coconut!)


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