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Quickie question: What is a blended orgasm?

Orgasm isn’t about an on-off switch hidden somewhere in your body. It’s not even an either/or thing, like Freud thought — clitoral or vaginal? (We could also say penile or prostate, of course, though we don’t know that Freud asked that question.) Many sex therapists teach their clients how to enjoy a blended orgasm. No, that’s not an awesome new mixed drink that makes you say “I’ll have what she’s having!” — it’s a sexual strategy that lets you maximize your arousal and response. The resulting orgasm is easier to have and can be stronger or more pleasurable than a one-off plain orgasm — though I am not insulting any sort of orgasm here, believe me! They’re all good… some are just, perhaps, better than others.
Here’s how this works:
You have separate nerve pathways, one that animates the erotic sensations of penis and clitoris, another that is responsible for the pleasurable sensations of vaginal fullness and motion, the G-spot and the prostate. Other erogenous areas — nipples, etc. — also are fed by nerves, separate ones. When one source of erotic pleasure is added to by another, separate one — clit or penis plus nipples, penis/clitoris/vagina plus anus, even the old classic, clitoris plus vagina — the resultant stimulation is higher and the orgasm you may have as a result is powered by more of your neurology. The orgasm happens in the brain, anyway, so all parts of your body might have their own sensation-feeling part to play. Blended orgasm: the more, the merrier!

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