The Perfect Way to Celebrate Global Female Condom Day

You’re keeping up on your holidays, aren’t you? World Orgasm Day was last month, Labor Day was earlier in September, and now it’s Global Female Condom Day. I don’t know about you, but I find the notion that I’m honoring female condoms with everyone else in the world pretty thrilling.

Here are some things we like about the female condom.

–It allows women more control over contraceptive and prophylactic decisions. Instead of hoping a male partner can be convinced to wear a condom, a woman can insert it vaginally and there it is!

–Transguys can use this condom too, though they may want to call it something else.

–Men who have sex with men might not be interested in something called a female condom (which is why the current version is being called FC2, a name rather like a Star Wars robot might be called) — but this device can also be used anally, by MSMs, women, or anybody else.

–It’s now made of nitrile, a synthetic rubber that is non-latex. So folks with latex allergies can indulge without worry.

–The female condom is designed with an outer ring that lies partially over the labia. This means that the FC2 gives more protection against herpes and HPV than a male-worn condom would.

–Some men who have tried using the FC2 (as the insertive partner) like the experience and feel it gives them more sensation. As reviewer safesex80 said at “The sensation is better than a normal condom cause it allows real movement on skin rather than movement through a tight latex layer. A little squeeze of lube on the inside is golden also.” (See more at: The FC2 page at also includes a video about its use.

As the Female Condom website reminds us, Global Female Condom Day is a collaborative effort of the National Female Condom Coalition and Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme.

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you about the perfect way to celebrate today. Get a female condom [] and have fabulous, creative, exploratory Female Condom Sex!

Do you have special plans or something to say about Global Female Condom Day? The hashtag is #GlobalFCDay — we’ll help get the word out, how about you?


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