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The Power of the Erotic by Pamela Madsen

“If we can learn to live from inside of our bodies outward to the world, not being frightened of the power of our own erotic energy to guide us, we will be able to get in touch with our deepest feelings and let go of the numbness that afflicts so many. Being fully empowered and connected to our bodies is an act against oppression.”


Meet Our Teachers–Sugar Cane Jane!

“There’s an ultimate liberation that comes into play when we’ve tapped into our body and mind’s metaphysical confidence; it supersedes the clothing we wear, the way we style ourselves… and what we see when we look at our reflection.”


Candida Royalle Kickstarting New Film

“While Candice’s mother was gone, the young girl who would become Candida Royalle grew up, grappled with sexuality and sexiness during a time of great cultural change, became a performer, made some porn, and then morphed into the feminist porn pioneer we know today…”