My Commitment to Pleasure & Health

The news is sad, horrible, and depressing. We turn away or we can’t stop watching simply because it IS so awful. We got through a presidential election over a month ago, we are still recovering from an economic downturn, but now we face tough and heart wrenching realities as a nation. We are a nation of individuals yet we simultaneously yearn for community, connection, and reassurance from one another. It’s the holidays and that involves its own brand of stress and pressures unto itself regardless of the news. A lot of feelings of guilt and shame can bubble up to the surface at this time of year. Sexual health and sexual pleasure can sometimes fall to the bottom of the to-do list. You deserve pleasure and you deserve a break from the constant pressure. Take some time to breathe deep, be present, be in the moment and allow yourself to soak up any warmth, gratitude, and good tidings directed at you. Give back. It’s an intense time right now. We are troubled and worried and searching for meaning and deeper truths.

Take the time to fully accept pleasure in your life and be open to prioritizing or rather re-prioritizing your basic needs. When you make the mind/body connection to live a healthier life, it’s not just a new year resolution type of fad….it’s a conscious commitment to do no harm to yourself and to others. Be mindful and conscious that you are worthy of and fully deserve pleasure. Be your true and authentic self and be good to yourself. Stay safe, warm, and healthy. Happy Holidays!

Jackie Strano

As the Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations, Jackie Strano runs the legendary sex positive retailer trusted for over 36 years for quality sex toys, educational movies, and a safe welcoming environment to explore your sexuality and become more sexually confident. Good Vibrations has six retail locations coast-to-coast, a website (, a mobile site, and the best trained Sex Educators/Sales Associates in the business. Strano also has a digital video production background and with her wife, author Shar Rednour, they created the cult classic, Bend Over Boyfriend and are the only independent and lesbian owned production company to ever win an AVN award for Best Feature with their ode to butch/femme desire- Hard Love & How to Fuck In High Heels. Strano has been featured in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Self,, Village Voice, and various other publications and in documentaries including Hot & Bothered: Feminist Pornography, HBO’s 6 part series Pornocopia, KRON’s The History of Sex in San Francisco, and UK’s The Truth About Lesbian Sex. Strano is also a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and published erotic author.

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