Happy International Masturbation Month!

Celebrating 19 Years of Rubbin’ with a 30 Day Masturbation Challenge!


Keep Calm & Masturbate On

You heard us right. It’s International Masturbation Month! Good Vibrations started this self-loving celebration after the 1994 firing of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders for her supportive statements on masturbation. Go figure! A lot has changed in 19 years. Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence aren’t afraid to mention anal toys on late night TV, and HBO series Girls recently featured a masturbation scene with Marnie.

Even with all the sex positivity in movies and television, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding masturbation, with many people keeping their masturbation habits a secret from their partners. But have no fear! Emily Morse from Sex with Emily is here… to give you a 30 Day Masturbation Challenge! Emily asks us to think of all the glorious ways we can show our body some love, because heaven forbid: “What if you’re on your death bed and find out the back of your knee can give you multiple orgasms?!”

Watch Emily’s 30 Day Masturbation Challenge and comment with your favorite erogenous zones so we can all learn from your sexplorations. And remember to share the love by telling everyone about International Masturbation Month via social media #MayWeRub.  Happy rubbing!

Good Vibrations

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