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Sex-positivity, what does it mean? How do we think & talk about sex-positivity?

CQ at the Feminist Porn Awards. Sex-positive! 0

What Sex-Positivity Is–And Is Not By Carol Queen, PhD

“If anyone, no matter how sexually frisky and happy they are, tries to use the notion of sex-positivity to judge someone else’s sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual choices, or sexual response, they are not behaving in a sex-positive fashion. Period.”


CatalystCon, here we come!

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The Power of the Erotic by Pamela Madsen

“If we can learn to live from inside of our bodies outward to the world, not being frightened of the power of our own erotic energy to guide us, we will be able to get in touch with our deepest feelings and let go of the numbness that afflicts so many. Being fully empowered and connected to our bodies is an act against oppression.”