Burn, Baby, Burn! Stock up for a sexy trip to the playa at Good Vibrations


Goggles? Check. Costumes? Check. Water? Check. And if you’re planning on some sexy fun time (or are spontaneously available) be sure to add safer sex supplies to your list of desert for Burning Man at the end of August. Good Vibrations has everything you need to enjoy safe adult play out on the scorching sands.

It’s dry in the desert, so don’t forget the lube! Conveniently packaged in single use, it pairs perfectly with the condom or dental dam of your choice. Throw in some Nitrile gloves, and a pack of Swipes all-natural, unscented intimate wipes and you’re good to go! Check out Reid Mihalko’s Burning Man guide (and inspirational outfit) here.

And if you’re female-bodied and have to go, bring along a Go-Girl and pee standing up! Get your buzz on with solar and battery-powered vibes and rest assured knowing you came prepared!

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